Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Revising the first chapter

While re-reading the first chapter, I noticed I left some things out that I feel should be introduced in the story.  For instance, the main villain of the story, Count Menneken, isn't truly the overseer of the town Mayfield, where Leo and his family reside.  He's just the overseer of the entire province, in other words all four towns that belong to that province. 

So, with that in mind, I noticed that the town didnt have some sort of governed body, which I thought was a little absurd.  I actually have a character who happens to be a puppet for Count Menneken, and he's a lord.  Why not place him as the governor of Mayfield? 

So now, officially introducing Lord Dominick!  Tall, lanky, hair to the shoulders, dresses nice, but he has just the worst luck with natural events, and he pouts and complains about it ALL the time.  He was already in the story, and he's sort of a villain (more of a stuck-up pushover), so I think it's fitting to make him the comedy relief for the chapter and more. 

He was originally going to be introduced much much later in the story, toward the end actually, but I think it's a better idea to introduce him right off the bat, especially since the first chapter needs some funny in it!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rough draft of chapter 2

Chapter Two – The Deserted Village

(Outline Format)
1.            Winds pick up, and you see a lone body walking toward the outskirts of a town.  Leo passes by a farm, and wonders where the animals or people are.

2.            Finally reaching the town, he has not found anyone.  The place of Farranstown is completely deserted.  Buildings here and there show signs of destruction, as if something enormous came through and tore the foundations in two.

3.            In the howling distance, he could hear a faint noise, the sound of someone calling for help.  Leo gets a sudden rush in his gut, the feeling of profound importance in what he's about to do.  He swings his shield forward, and moves toward the sound.

4.            Toward the edge of town, he sees a boy, climbing clumsily up to a half caved-in building, running away from three creatures, no bigger than a goat.  Here we take a closer look at the beasts (later known as basilisks).

5.            Leo's gut tells him to move forward and charge, while his conscious reminds him of how dangerous they seem.  Suddenly turning his eyes to see the frightened look on the boy up on the roof, his gut takes over and begins to charge at the beasts.

6.            With his shield, Leo manages to easily knock back the unsuspecting creature off his feet entirely.  Leo then continues his charge and waves his sword in either direction against the other two beasts.

7.            From the cover of the other buildings, signs of life begin to show as people, all of them near the ages of 4-15 begin to peek out to see the fight.

8.            Leo may not be very skilled with the sword, but his shield keeps him well protected.  The boy on the roof begins to throw sand at the lizard creatures.  The sand manages to get in the eyes of one of the creatures, and temporarily disables the beast, making it easier for Leo to fight off the remaining lizard-monster.

9.            Suddenly a troop of hooded figures come into distance from behind a building, all of them equipped with slingshots.  One of the figures yells an order and they begin to fire at the monsters.  With Leo helping from one side, the hooded figures from another, the vile lizard beasts have no choice but to retreat.

10.          The day is saved, and Leo helps the little boy down from the roof.  The others run up to meet them, and reveal themselves.  All of them are of Leo’s age, and perhaps younger.

11.          The leader of the troop tells Leo that his name is Seriage.  Seriage explains that all the kids that are gathered in the town are what remain of Farranstown – the orphans who were left behind when the villagers defected.

12.          He recants the tale of when a gigantic serpent beast ravaged the village, and would kidnap people in the dead of night.  Leo is all too familiar with this tale, as his own village is going through the same thing.

13.          Seriage continues about how the other types of beasts later would come out from the woods and defile the village even further.  Seriage had to help his orphan brothers and sisters, and keep them safe, all the while training them in defense maneuvers and ways to avoid detection from the beasts.  Seriage then offers a temporary home for Leo, and tells him that they ought to leave soon, for the beasts usually return with more of their friends.

14.          Later, Leo is in one of their safe houses, an abandoned school.  Seriage introduces his fellow leaders of their ragtag orphan army – Nesley, a short stocky teen male that is exceptionally skilled with any type of melee weapon.  And Khanah, the oldest of the three, she’s a hardy-looking teen female that understands the concept of protection and defense.  Leo begins to understand from talking with several other orphans of how neglected the town was, ever since Count Menneken took over as provincial overseer of the small province.  Food was scarce, work was scarce, the nobles of the high king left, and the traders took their wares elsewhere.  The first to leave town en masse were the police guard and their families.  All of those who deserted the village went north to a more sheltered town, known as Northfield.

15.          *During supper, Seriage asks Leo about his reasons behind traveling to the village. Leo explains that an Old Man told him that he would be able to find help and provisions if he stopped by Farranstown first, but now he’s not so certain as there appears to be nothing for him.*  Suddenly a boy enters the scene, telling them that the beasts certainly did return, but are after a family not too far off and need help.  They set off to rescue the family.

16.          In the nearby farm, where Leo thought it was abandoned earlier, there stands a family, an injured father fending the beasts from his family, using an empty wagon as their temporary fort.  This time around, there are seven of those lizard beasts.  Leo, Seriage, Khanah, and Nesley are not sure what to do.  Leo suggests an attack head on, while Khanah and Seriage disagree, and Nesley just wants the chance at fighting the monsters.

17.          Seriage is a little discouraged, while Leo tries to think of something that they can do, and suddenly has an idea.  He tells Seriage about how Leo will be the distraction, while Seriage and his orphan friends take out the beasts one by one with their slingshots.

18.          Leo goes in another direction and gets the attention of the monsters.  They begin to move in his direction, giving the Seriage and his troop the perfect chance to shoot.

19.          As they begin to shoot their rocks at the beasts, Leo notices the family going on the offensive against the creatures.  He particularly notices the father’s daughter, using a spear to fend off the beasts, while the father continues to use his hammers.

20.          Seriage realizes then that even with the help of Leo, and the two other family members, and his troop of four orphans and himself, the beasts are not truly getting hurt.  He then remembers about the incident earlier with the little boy and how he managed to really cause pain to the creatures – sand.  He then begins to make a pouch of sand using one of his spare bags wrapped around his belt.  He adds a little incendiary powder and ties the knot.

21.          During this, Leo eventually stands next to the family man, his daughter, and the other two members of the family in distress – the wife and a young toddler boy.

22.          Seriage gives his slingers the new projectiles, and tells them to aim at the lizard’s head or eyes.  They follow his orders.

23.          Suddenly the tide is turned now that the beasts’ weakness has been revealed.  With this, Khanah and Nesley give the go-ahead to attack the beasts head on.  Khanah’s protectors provide support for Nesley and his troop of fighting orphans.

24.          With great ease, Seriage shows a side of himself that is not revealed until much later – his natural eye for marksmanship.  Khanah shows her natural side at defense, and Nesley shows his natural side at offense.

25.          Finally they beat back the remainder of the lizard beasts, and save the family.  The father introduces himself as Andre the Ferocious, a former mercenary captain of the now disbanded Knights of Furry, a group that was based off of Camdon province.  He then introduces the lady who has been fighting alongside of him, his daughter Jemm.  Finally he introduces his wife Sophie, and their youngest son, Gilbert.

26.          He tells the crowd of orphaned kids about where he is going – to Northfield, and possibly start an organization, maybe even a school for kids like them (with the prodding of Jemm, his daughter).  Andre convinces the group of orphans to travel with them to Northfield.

27.          The following day, the winds have died down, and now they all prepare to leave the deserted town.  Leo tells Seriage and his group that he plans on separating with them when they reach the fork, where Leo plans to continue his journey and face the beast in the cave.  Seriage is intrigued.

28.          During their journey north from Farranstown, Andre explains to them his reasoning about where he was headed.  Back story for Andre begins.

29.          He had traveled from far south, from the heart of Valamor, a province that is known to hire mercenaries to fight their civil battles, and often times fight bordering conflicts with the hardened Rhenians, directly east of them.

30.          Andre explains that the Knights of Fury had dwindled after serving the Valamorians battle after battle against the Rhenians.  Eventually, the capitol of Valamor, had hired them one last time to do the unthinkable – to raze the remaining occupying camps the Rhenians had placed in the borders between Valamor and the Territories of Rhen.

31.          When Andre and his mercenary knights refused, they were fired.  They were about to pass into Woodlands province until they were ambushed by several other mercenary guilds.  The ambush took them by surprise and was their demise to the end of the guild.  Those who escaped went on different paths, including Andre and his family.

32.          The ultimate betrayal by the Valamorian hierarchy proved to end another guild that has fought for them in countless battles.

33.          Andre reached the town of Lakeside, and heard of the rumors of Farranstown desertion.  He had decided to start over again in the far town of Northfield, rally those who left Farranstown, and bring peace and stability back in the deserted town.

34.          Now, after hearing what the orphans had told him, after hearing how the kids were neglected, malnourished, and abandoned, he decides to take them in and help them have a better life.

35.          At night, they sit around a campfire.  Leo chats with Seriage, Khanah, and Nesley about the plans they all intend to pursue.  Jemm hesitantly walks into their group.

36.          The young girl, only twelve years of age, tries to persuade the orphan kids about joining her father in constructing a new school, after they stay a while in Northfield.  The new school would become a place to help those who have nothing in their future.  A school, intended to start a brand new military academy.  Jemm has the hopes of introducing her father to a new mercenary guild by doing this.

37.          Khanah likes the idea, and Nesley is fine with it, too, so long as he gets to learn more weapons.  Seriage is unsure, mainly because he worries about what he can do for the group as whole.

38.          The following day, they reach the fork in the road.  There Leo gives his goodbyes to the traveling orphans and the family.  Andre reaches out, clasping his arm with Leo, telling him that he is certain he will meet Leo again.  Leo is unsure, but has the same feeling inside his gut.  Jemm, too, a little red in her face, gives a hug to Leo and a goodbye.

39.          As Leo walks alone toward the mountain pass, he hears Seriage catching up to him.  Leo is surprised that Seriage decided to go with him on his quest to slay the beast, but welcomes it anyway.

40.          Meanwhile, in the deserted village of Farranstown, a mounted mysterious traveler slowly makes her way toward the front of the abandoned school.

41.          The veiled figure, clearly a female by her appearance, despite being very well-clothed, trots off into the distance toward the direction of Leo and Seriage.

Friday, December 30, 2011


I haven't forgotten about this project!  I'm currently busy revising the first chapter in outline format, AND I'm busy fleshing out the second chapter too. 

To be truthful, I've changed a lot in what happens in the second chapter, and it's making me go back and fix the story here and there.  In the end, I feel it will bring a smoother transition when we *re-introduce some characters later in the story.

So far, with the change in how the story will be presented, I've been looking up ways to depict the first chapter in a graphic novel setting.  I've learned that I need to create a comic script, and to make it easier on the artist, a rough draft thumbnails of the panels and dialogue I want in it. 

At the moment, I'm really trying to breathe some life into the second chapter, as I've always felt it didn't really have any particular point except for introducing a character that joins with Leo.  It wasn't enough!  But now, however, the chapter has it's own mini-story!  I'm really excited to write it, which is a great thing! 

It delves into the history behind Seriage, the orphan kid.  It not only talks about his bringing up, but introduces other characters who will eventually be an integral part of the story later on in the entire series!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A few updates...

Been a while since I've posted here, figured I'd stop by and keep this place cozy.

So the story since last I've done any work was on the back burner in my head... Until recently.

With the help of a friend, we managed to come up with an idea on getting this story out. But first...

And the Legends of Ra'Mechk'nam

Book 1:  The Lion and the Scout

The new title for Kendara's Tales.  I can't claim credit on it however, as my own four-year-old son actually came up with the title himself!  This actually is what reignited my desire in seeing this story come to life! 

Anyway, after all of that, my collaborator and myself managed to iron out some details about the story.

First of all, I'm going in a different approach of how the story will be told (at least until I manage to get someone to write this for me, hah!).  The decision has been made to make it into a graphic novel, which I feel works good, if not better than what I had in mind. 

Ultimately, this story is meant to attract a crowd of a younger generation, and graphic novels is one course you can take this into. 

Second, I've noticed that I have the tendancy to start something and not finish it, and start somewhere else and not finish it.  In order to fight that, I'm breaking down the first chapter in a way I originally wanted to, now that the pressure of having to write this all on my own is temporarily relieved - in a sort of timeline format.  This way, I can focus on one chapter at a time, and can obsess over how I can make it better, or find something to make it look or feel like it's in the appropriate age-range (the story is primarily intended to kids, but will feature plots and subplots that teens to young adults may have an interest in). 

To demonstrate what I am talking about, I have copied and paste the first chapter in this format!  Take a look!
Chapter One - The Mysterious Beast
(Outline Format)
1.            [picture] Thunder rumbles in the distance, as we pan down below and see the villagers head home from their task in the midnight rainstorm. [written] The town name is Mayfield, located within the heart of the province Sequestered Valley, in the middle of the great kingdom of Balashar.
2.            [picture/written] Adam Tolomane walks with his compatriots, satisfied with their work in safeguarding the crops from flooding.  He’s a family man, but also a man that every peasant looks up to.
3.            During walk back to town, villagers show frustration at lack of attention Count Menneken gives to the farms, or even the people themselves.  Adam listens to their complaints.
4.            Ever since Menneken took the reins from his father Regent Lord Bartholomew, the entire province of Sequestered Valley has been losing crops, villagers, and money.  Taxes keep raising, the poor are working harder to keep their homes, and the amount of high king officials has vanished completely.  Villagers are beginning to feel like the high king no longer is looking after them, and that Count Menneken is corrupt.
5.            In the nearby trees, a creature lurks, eyeing the group of villagers.  A soft hiss sound can be heard, as it makes its way to the unsuspecting targets.
6.            The sound of a fiendish horn blows in the distance, Adam hears it and turns toward the nearby forest.  A crack of lightning flashes, Adam gets a glimpse of something large and ugly making its way to them - tells the villagers to run, and Adam turns to face the beast.
7.            Beast lunges after Adam, but is blocked by a thrown barrel into its face.  Momentarily slowing it.  Gives Adam enough time to plan his next move.  He sees a shovel.
8.            Adam grabs the shovel, in time to stop the lizard monstrosity from closing its ugly mouth around Adam.  The monster hisses in frustration and whacks Adam with his clubbed tail.
9.            Adam is thrown into debris, sees pitchfork and uses it to fend off the creature.  Villagers in distance begin to ring the town bell, alerting the town and its police force. 
10.          Village begins to get word of the attack, all the way up to Newhaven Keep, where a man peers out of the window, surveying the action.  The man, turns, with his wicked grin, and tells a shadowy figure that he intends to continue with his next phase, walking out into the rain with his guards.
11.          Scene is changed with a flash of lightning, we see Adam's home, where all is not well.  Inside, Adam's son, Leo, is tossing and turning, disturbed by his nightmare.  Mother sits by him, worried.
12.          Mother knows what Leo is going through, for she went through something similar at his age (now thirteen).  It is all part of the process, and is part of his bloodline, just like Kyndrea’s father, and great grandfather before him. 
13.          She has been trying to prepare him for he may (or may not, she hopes) would have to face.  Over the past few weeks, she knew that his dreams would worsen, the calling would begin for him.
14.          Leo tosses and turns, sweating, panting, eyelids moving left and right.  His nightmare worsens as the sound of thunder rumbles ever closer to the village of Mayfair.
15.          In the dream, Leo is surrounded by creatures with horrible visages.  Rain is pouring over him, lightning flashes and he could see the glimpse of teeth and claws, reaching toward him, trying to grab him or something that he is holding.  Overhead, he hears the cackles and screams of flying monsters.  He screams for help, and suddenly the floor beneath him crumbles and falls through.
16.          He is now surrounded by walls of flame, and in the background, he sees the slithery silhouette of a monstrous creature, calling to him, coming closer and closer.  A loud scream rings his head, and he hears a man yelling “Look out!”  Leo wakes suddenly.
17.          The nightmare being over, Leo is sitting up, with his mother holding him.  Although awake, he knows that something is not right, and his senses are still heightened – as if something is telling him to be wary.  He asks his mother the whereabouts of his father, Adam.
18.          Kyndrea knew it wasn’t meant to be a question she can answer, for she too felt that strange feeling that something was wrong.
19.          The police force can be seen running toward the fields, where Adam is at the brink of losing a battle.  Suddenly through the pouring rain, the sound of a vile horn is heard once more, and the mysterious beast screeches into the howling wind, and vanishes.
20.          A crowd gathers in the village square, as townsfolk make room for the police guard bringing the only man to be injured from the monster’s attack – Adam Tolomane.  Leo and Kyndrea reach the crowd, and both run toward Police Chief Victor Carlsburg, who is supporting Adam.
21.          Adam tells them to not worry, but is suddenly drowned by the angry villagers, demanding to know why Menneken has not done anything about the beast.  Just then, the sound of neighing horses is heard, and a band of armored men come galloping from the keep’s direction.
22.          Count Menneken calls everyone to gather around him.  He begins to discuss the happenings, and shows concern over the injured peasant.  The villagers start demanding what Menneken is about to do it with the problem.  It had been the third time that week that the mysterious beast had attacked the town.  It is known now that they are relieved that there were no kidnappings this time around.
23.          Lightning flashed, with a sudden boom of thunder in the village is heard, startling the villagers during their argument.  Menneken takes advantage of the pause, and starts to explain what exactly he plans on doing about the beast.
24.          He introduces the horsed men around himself.  He has gone through great lengths to find help with the beast, as it is apparently needed (demeaning way toward Victor and his police guard about the unsuccessful attempts at them slaying it, or finding the creature), and has found an answer for all the problems.
25.          He introduces the brave, courageous, noble mercenary company The Ravenous Redeemers.  The men come forward in their horses.  Courageous and noble are certainly words the villagers would not use to describe them.  Mean looking, snarling, some wearing smirks, others scowling.
26.          Menneken explains to the villagers that Captain Cragen is well known in the south for defending villages, estates against enemies.  They will begin patrolling the roads in and out of the village, and have already sent a squad to the north in search of the beast.  Villagers show concerns as they feel uneasy with the new crowd that will be hanging around.
27.          Finally dispersing the crowd, Menneken heads back to his keep, while the mercenary company decides to stick around to patrol the streets.
28.          The next morning, Adam is sitting in his bed, with a bandaged leg and arm, and some bandages around his ribs.  Kyndrea tends to him and they discuss that the recent happenings seem troublesome.  All the sudden changes, it seems as though Count Menneken is using them for something more sinister.
29.          Leo overhears, and proceeds to do his chores.  Grabs some bags and heads to the market.
30.          At the market, Leo sees a crowd gathering around a wanted sign.  He hears the crowd discussing the options of the bounty.  Leo squeezes through to read the sign himself.  The bounty is for the mysterious beast, and the reward is gold beyond anyone’s imagination.  Several people love the idea, groups begin to form as people decide to take action in their own hands.
31.          Leo begins to imagine just how amazing it would be to have the money; take his mom out of her job, his father no longer having to work, they could move away from Mayfield, perhaps live somewhere more luxurious.  During this, he suddenly blurts out that he’s going to go and slay the beast.
32.          The crowd around him begins to laugh.  Some mocked him, while others felt sorry the little lad.  He feels embarrassed, and angry and runs away, dropping his groceries.
33.          Running toward the outskirts of the market, toward the edge of town, Leo falls to his knees, tears streaming down his face.  Behind him an old man approaches.
34.          The Old Man calls to Leo, holding the bags of groceries Leo dropped.  He hands the bags over, trying to comfort Leo.  Leo thanks the Old Man, and they start talking about the bounty.
35.          The Old Man, who seems old and feeble, tells Leo about how an adventure like that would change his outlook in life.  Convinces Leo in going forth with his idea.  The Old Man then reveals from behind his back a rusty-looking shield, and offers it as a gift to Leo.
36.          As Leo grabbed it, he was surprised how incredibly light it was, warm to the touch, and felt like it had always belonged to him.  Leo heads home with the bags and the shield around his back, thanks the Old Man once more and vanishes from the Old Man’s sight.
37.          Back at home, Leo tries to find the courage in talking to his parents about his decision.  He first talks with his mother, Kyndrea.  The look in his eyes, the stance he had, it was all she needed to know about what she has been dreaming about.  She then notices the shield, and then states that the next part of his life is about to take place. 
38.          She explains to him that over the past weeks, she’s been trying to prepare him for what’s to come, and tells him to go forth on his journey.  Leo tells Kyndrea what he plans on doing, and knows it seems like a crazy idea, but Kyndrea only gives him a hug and tells herself that everything is going to be okay.
39.          When Leo finally talks to his father about his decision, both parents decide to talk to him about his ancestry.  It is revealed that both parents knew that eventually Leo will have to go out on his own and discover his true self.  Leo is amazed to hear that his ancestors were men and women that were truly courageous and strong, and that it’s all from Kyndrea’s side of the family.
40.          Afterward, they pack his belongings.  Adam manages to get up and hand him his old sword, a trusty one-handed weapon that has seen many battles in Adam's younger years.  Kyndrea also hands Leo a pair of twin daggers that she has kept as a gift from her great-grandfather, telling Leo that they will serve a better purpose with him on his journey.  Leo sets out north to the location of the beast. (It is previously known that the beast resides in the mountains, reading the bounty post from the market)
41.          As Leo heads out to town, he is stopped by the Old Man.  The Old Man tells Leo that he should head to the nearby village of Farranstown, where Leo will find extra provisions, and possibly receive help from the villagers there.  Leo thanks him and continues north to visit the town first.
42.          Back at the keep, Count Menneken walks along a hallway, and meets with Captain Cragen.  He discusses with Cragen that all is going as planned.  He tells the captain of the hired mercenaries that the bounty has been posted, and there are reports that groups of villagers are going forth to claim the beasts’ life for the outrageous reward. 
43.          Cragen inquires about his second-in-command person, Jack d’Vane, curious as to why he is stationed along the mountain pass.  Menneken explains that Jack and his fellow trappers are stationed there to capture any and all travelers crossing into the mountain pass to find the beast hidden in a cave. 
44.          He wants Jack to capture them all, and haul them away to his newly built dungeon so that Menneken can use them for experiments with his alchemy.  Cragen is dismissed. 
45.          From the shadows, a hooded person creeps forward, and Menneken tells this person to continue spying on all the events that are happening.  You see a glimpse of her eyes, and you can vaguely see them glow from the torch-lit fire.  She then steps back into the shadows and vanishes.  The chapter is ended with Menneken, overlooking the town below, with a hint of a smile on his face.
Okay!!  So because this is supposed to be in a graphic novel type setting (ie, comic panels and dialogue), there is so much more for me to do on this first chapter.  This version of the first chapter is already outdated.

So there you have it, I will begin posting updates, and previewing the progress here on my blog. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

By Break of Dawn (3 poems)

1. In the tents, the soldiers lay
Through the night, they hope and pray.

3. The dawning nears, it will be soon
In the gloom and still lagoon.

5. When at last the shouts begin,
And so they join the mortal sin.

7. The war it seemed as if to go
Until the sun had lost its glow.

9. Instead the sky was red with fire!
Throughout the land, the deaths grew higher

11. The fallen, dragged through the mud,
And through the rivers of painted blood.

13. At last the battle became withdrawn.
Begin it will by break of dawn.


1. The soldiers marched through the night.
Toward the beacon of guided light.

3. Up the trail and through the gloom;
Down the hill, and toward their doom.

5. In the distance, you could hear
The drums of war, that caused much fear.

7. The morning light arrived to them;
The battle signal of their condemn.

9. They charged to battle, in full array
To cause the enemy much dismay

11. Into the night, the sky turned red
Against the fires of hate that spread.

13. The night had ended, the battle foregone
So they wait by break of dawn.


1. Here displayed, within our hands
A ruthless giant, with more demands.

3. The tales of war, hate, and evil
Have all been told by man’s own equal.

5. Yet when dust may settle, afterward,
We start to wonder - who drew the sword?

7. The loss of life, family or friend,
The ultimate price, but "a means to an end".

9. And when the wars had reach their end,
Did they reflect what we intend?

11. So it is said, "We reap what we sow".
Supplanting the hopes with darkened woe.

13. The race of man shan’t look upon.
Perhaps we shall by break of dawn.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Revised, Prologue

Prologue -The Vision

Lightning crashed against a farm house that had already been set ablaze. Even with the storm's curtains of rain, it could not extinguish the raging inferno wrought by the fires that had spread throughout the village. Fires, caused by a source unimaginable - monstrous, wicked lizards that roamed the paths, terrorizing those who tried to find cover. Their mutated forms, some grotesque and slimy, others muscular and thorny, all of them with the intent of total destruction.

Nearby, on top of a shadowy mountain, stood an all-powerful tyrant and a villain. He was the man responsible for all the spawned monstrosities across the lands, and the one who stood in the way of peace. The vile lizards mutated by this man were cruel, unmerciful, and deadly. He overlooked the scene going on below him, and laughed maniacally. To him, everything was going as planned. He yelled to the skies, claiming that there was nothing they could do to stop him and his forces, and that the world was his to dominate.

The sky above had an answer for the villain.

Beams of light broke out of the clouds in the stormy sky. From these beams, magnificent flying beasts, known as winged sphinxes, descended into the battle. The sphinxes swooped down and began their attack against the creatures. As wicked as the lizards were, they were no match for a sphinx in single combat. However, the fights weren't fair as it was usually four or five of them against one sphinx.

The diabolical mastermind scoffed, and blew a vile horn, summoning winged versions of his land-based creations. Their raging screams alerted the newfound allies below. Knowing they were outnumbered, the sphinxes separated and charged upward. Their speed was great and their attacks were fierce against the monstrous flying mutations.

Satisfied, the evil corrupter proceeded with the next phase of his evil scheme. With a flash of lightning he began changing his form from human to monster. Wings formed at his shoulder blades and stretched out far, his face contorted, sprouting fangs and horns. His tongue became that of a serpent, while his fingers grew to enormous claws. Then his body spawned another set of arms, and a spiky tail slithered down behind him.

Suddenly, a column of wondrous light shot down at the transformed human. A blinding light that caused the great foe to wince and cover his eyes with his leathery bat-like wings. He turned away for a second, and once he turned back, there stood a magnificent winged lion-sphinx. His name was Leo and he glowed with raw power, as he walked toward the evil villain.

The dark master grinned wickedly, and began to harness the evils that surrounded them. Throwing everything he had at the creature that spawned from the radiant light, his attacks were deflected off the lion-sphinx - as if protected by a shield of power. The villain began to question himself. Could it be? Has there always been someone that could stop him? With a thunderous boom that seemed to have echoed throughout all the land, the lion-sphinx spoke out, but it was directed toward another. "It is time," his gaze piercing at the one having the vision, awakening him abruptly.

Rising from his slumber, the sphinx ruler knew it was time to fulfill the prophecy, and to find the one known as Leo. He glanced toward the sky, and as if to reassure him, the stars that had aligned themselves that night were no longer in the same order as before. Voral must know of this, he thought, and with the reflex only given to that of the cat family, he leaped gracefully across the sky chamber toward the archway, leading to the Hall of Kings. Moving past the hall, he roared, signaling to his personal guards and giving them orders to summon the Council of Five. It was time to bring the vision to the Oracle, to his close allies, and to his people, that perhaps peace at last would be coming soon to the world of Kendara.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Mysterious Beast, continued

Meanwhile, the Tolomane home was disturbed, as Adam's only son, Leo, tosses about in his bed. Within the stormy night, the young boy, only thirteen years of age, dreamt again. A nightmare he's had over the past couple of months. Across the room by the doorway, stood the boy's mother, Kyndrea. It would be the second time that evening that she would have to wake him from the nightmare.

Kyndrea watched over her son, stressed over how much more Leo will have to endure before fully realizing a gift passed down from her bloodline. On the outside of the motherly complexion, Kyndrea Marie Tolomane is an ordinary maid; serving Lord Dominick in his house six days of the week - one of Count Menneken's lap dogs living in comfort and wealth. She strives to make the men in her life happy, at times overworking herself, but even doing so, she knows that she must continue with her daily routine.

And now her only son had finally come of age. Over the weeks, she had begun to prepare him for the challenges he may (or may not) face. She knew that her son had been dreaming of terrible things. Things that neither she nor Leo could comprehend. Nevertheless, being the son of Kyndrea, it's in his blood; just like her father before him.

Placing a warm damp cloth over Leo's head, she grabs his hand, leaning over him, calling to him to wake. Leo continued to squirm under his blankets. The sudden sound of thunder overhead had brought him deeper into his nightmare.

All around him, creatures of horrifying visages have him surrounded. All Leo can see are gruesome faces with teeth, hungering for him, or for something that he possesses. Looking up, he sees the stormy sky, the rain pouring over him and his friends. The lightning dancing around him, and with every flash of the wicked light, sees creatures above, flying around him, cackling at the howling wind that had forced him to buckle to his knees. The sense of his mother calling to him, begging him to turn around, or to run away gives him a small amount of strength, to try once again and flee. But just then, the scenery changes, and walls of flame suddenly crowd him. The roar of the fire finally has him paralyzed, kneeling on the ground, hiding his face from what he knows not. Suddenly the sound of his mother, screaming at him, makes Leo involuntarily look up, and behind the walls of flame, a gigantic, almost snake-like silhouette, comes toward him. Leo screams and opens his eyes, and finds himself sitting up in his bed, with his mother holding on to him, as if there was no tomorrow.

Although he knew the nightmare was over, Leo felt an overwhelming sense of urgency - to do something before it's too late. Panting, he jerked his head to look at his mother and asked, "Father's not home yet?" The question itself was more of a statement to Kyndrea, for she too had the feeling that something was very wrong.